When I was younger, I found tomatoes not in the form of ketchup or pizza sauce unappealing. Now I love' em. Cars are similar: many I once disliked suddenly seem ripe for the picking. What car has grown on you?

The seventh-generation, B-Body Chevy Impala SS initially left a taste in my mouth akin to that of capers and peanut butter on rye. Something about the car's design, its lack of a manual transmission, and the purplish-black paint found on most of the examples I saw seriously turned me off. Lately, I find myself oddly drawn to the Impala's brash and straightforward persona and lowered stance. It says "this is our country" far better than John Mellencamp, and the Corvette-sourced V-8 under the hood doesn't hurt.

Perhaps it's the wisdom of age. Maybe it's a desire for something with more power or disappointment in subsequent Impalas. I'd happily rock one now, even if teenage Matt was judging it from the driver's seat.

Like Nutella or an LCD Soundsystem LP, what car has grown on you?

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