What car would you take up Norway's "Troll Path?"

Norway's Trollstigen, or "Troll Path" is one of the world's most dangerous roadways, with a steep, 9 percent grade and 11 hairpins. It's so treacherous that most buses are banned from it. What car would you take up Norway's Troll Path?

Top Gear already drove Bolivia's roadway of death, so, you know, been there done that. But what about the other most treacherous road you've never heard of? And, of course, imagine it's closed and you have to get to the top as quickly and as still breathing as possible. For this, we'll be sensible for once and go with a diesel for the torque, something relatively narrow to manage the Troll Path's small gauge and something with plenty of rubber on the road for traction. Also, it must be a car that's impervious to trolls (even forum ones), and is plain enough, and insulated enough, to distract from the heart-stopping Norwegian landscape. The verdict? BMW 335d, the most troll-repellent of all Munich's sedans. What say you?


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