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Earlier this week we told you about one Chinese Lamborghini owner who had his Gallardo publicly destroyed to protest the manufacturer's poor service. While most of us don't have the means or desire to actually destroy automobiles in protest, what if you did? What car would you publicly destroy to prove a point?


While it takes a lot for a car lover to be pushed to the point of actually destroying a car, we all have our limits. Mind you, although we don't think a bad service appointment (or anything else) would push us to the point of publicly destroying a Lamborghini Gallarado, obviously that was enough for someone. So in a rare and purely hypothetical moment of anti automotive activity, this week's Question of the Weekend wants to know what car YOU would publicly destroy to prove a point.


Perhaps you want to warn future owners, strike back at manufacturers who produce cars you find to be distasteful, or just create general destructive mayhem. Maybe you actually had a service appointment or ownership experience bad enough to justify destroying your super car, or just your regular car. This hypothetical situation is your chance to rectify whatever your automotive complaints, general or specific, may be. We want to know what car you would choose to destroy, and why.

Personally I would destroy the (not nearly as nice as the pictured example) 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS I spent several years driving as a warning to anyone considering buying a high mileage late 80s GM product. Although my Monte Carlo had seen years of abuse at the hands of various other irresponsible teenagers before I got my hands on it, it was the GM design flaws that took the ownership experience from bad to absolutely miserable. Rarely could I drive the car more than a week without something breaking, cracking, leaking, failing or rusting. Many weeks it was all of the above. While I remain a big fan of late 80s GM "muscle cars" my public Monte Carlo destruction would warn anyone purchasing a late 80s GM product that hasn't been babied its whole life is an entry to a world of pain.

Now that you've heard about my 80s muscle car sacrifice, tell me what car would you publicly destroy to prove a point?

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