What car would you like to see in NASCAR?

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It may be the largest motorsport in the U.S., but sheeet, Nascar always needs new fans — especially if it wants to go global. What car would you like to see in NASCAR?

Even if it's just an engine and some stickers under a mainly generic bod, at least the V8s will be fuel injected for 2012 (just like that new, 1982 Chevy Camaro!) and a new competitor can only add interest. So, what's our pick? Audi S5. Now stay with us. The S5's body is already pretty well suited to the Car of Tomorrow's half-jellybean profile, and with a few well-placed stickers, Audi could insert the S5's body shapes using trompe l'oeil. How smashing! All it needs is an aluminum-und-schteel pushrod V8.

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