What Car Would You Import To The U.S.?

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Whether because of presumed American preferences or the anachronistic Chicken Tax, there are numerous vehicles like the 2011 Ford Ranger sold everywhere but the United States. Assuming magical bureaucracy-defying powers, what car would you import to the U.S.?

Maybe this is a personal preference, but I'd really like to see the European BMW 335d here in God's country. The BMW 3, in all its variants, is still a great car. Unfortunately, Americans only get the autotragic sedan version of the 335d when a diesel wagon with a six-speed manual fits our needs. The torquetastic six-cylinder twin-turbo diesel puts the car in the low 6-second range for 0-to-60 mph time, fuel economy climbs into the 30s on the U.S. cycle, and it's incredibly useful. I'm not alone in thinking this as someone started a Facebook page to call for the same thing.


It may not happen, it may not be a great market decision, but I still want it.

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