What Car Would You Dump Someone For?

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We can envision multiple scenarios in which we'd be forced to choose, a la Indecent Proposal, between a lover and a car. But not just any car. What car would you dump someone for?


This is essentially a question of tolerances. Given a normal happy relationship with someone who isn't necessarily "the one" but is "the one I like to be with now" at what point would you abandon them for a car? Would you trade in your girlfriend for a Toyota Corolla? We hope not. For an Mk. II Toyota Supra? Getting warmer.

Like many car lovers, we're romantics. We love cars, but we also crave companionship. If we're swapping flesh for metal it'll have to be a car we can share a relationship with. A car that will be a companion, through thick and thin, but also someone who challenges us to be better and who we can make better in kind — with or without a wrench.

We'd choose the classic Aston Martin V8 Vantage, circa the late 1970s. Powerful? Try 380 HP in 1977, capable of pushing it to a top speed of 170 MPH. Talkative? With four gigantic Webers up top you'll definitely hear the AM V8. Challenging? It was made in Britain, which means you'll always be fixing something. Beautiful? Just look at it.

We're not saying we'd leave our current significant-others for one, we're just saying we hope no one asks us to make the choice.

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I would dump anyone for any car worth more than my house.

Then I'd sell the car, pay off the mortgage and have lots of fun with all the money left over.