What Car Was Overshadowed By Its Predecessor?

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The twin-turbo V8 Ferrari F40 is getting a lot of love today, but what of the Ferrari F50? It's often overlooked. It's time to remember the Jan Bradys of the world. What car was overshadowed by its predecessor?


Oh, poor Nissan 280ZX. People loved the timeless (and mostly borrowed) style of the original 240Z so much they've all but forgotten you. They tried to give you a better interior, more late-70s edgy style, and better fuel economy. It was a noble effort, and you're not a bad car. People just don't understand you. You're a relic of a past we don't want to remember. But when you were good, you were great. You were mustachioed like the love child of Tom Selleck and John Oates. The 240Z may be gold, but you were black gold. BLACK GOLD!

Remember any other forgotten cars overshadowed by the cars that came before them? Share the stories here.

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