What Car Unfairly Makes You Look Like An Asshole?

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We try to be fair in our biases here, but I admit in Today's "Morning Shift" I went to town on the news that the F-150 Harley Davidson edition is dead. Someone corrected my bias and it made me think that there are probably very good reasons to drive a car that makes you look like an asshole.


Yeah, the Harley Davidson has an entirely deserved reputation for being the car choice of men with an abundance of cash but a dirth of taste and boners. That being said, ELippert makes the case for the truck:

HD branding aside, I'm fairly certain that the HD F150 is the only trim you could get a 2wd F150 with the 6.2L and 4:10 rear-end in it. You can order the 6.2 in the Lariat or Platinum packages, but it has to be paired with 4x4 and 3:73 gears if I recall correctly. This pretty much made the 2wd HD edition the fastest production pickup (besides the Lighting) you could (still) buy.


This was confirmed in a MotorTrend test that showed a 0-60 mph time of 6.4 seconds. Not too shabby and something I totally missed.

If this is the reason why you bought an HD, you are forgiven.

What other cars are unfairly maligned?

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Any car with track stickers for tracks we KNOW you haven't been to.

Case in point: US registered BMW with Nordschleife track sticker. Here in Nashville there is a green BMW 5 series with a large Nurburgring track sticker on the trunk. I guarantee you he has not been to the 'Ring in that car.
(The image here is representative of this, not the exact case)