Whitney Houston's death on Saturday was just the latest in a too-long line of showbiz tragedies. Even if her hyperproduced adult R&B wasn't your style, you had to respect that voice — a dynamic and eerily clear mezzo-soprano with very few peers in pop music history.

In addition to her singing she also lit up the movie screen, most famously opposite Kevin Costner in "The Bodyguard." So, in memory of a person who — it would seem — really needed someone to watch over her: What's the best car for a modern-day Bodyguard?


Were it our personal protection services firm, our flagship vehicle would have to be a Brabus-tuned Mercedes Geländewagen, preferably with armor plating. The military-inspired G-wagen exudes a protective aura as it sits, but the monster V-12 and mods that Brabus puts in place take that self-secure attitude to a whole new level while providing enough torque to escape any threat — or flatten a Kardashian-grade paparazzi scrum. It will outhandle any other large SUV, and visibility is on par with most motorcycles. The well-tailored cabin soothes jangled nerves, and the airy interior lets you keep close tabs on a valuable passenger.

Which is especially important when the biggest threat to that passenger is herself.

Photo Credit: Brabus

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