What Car Repair Is Best Left To Professionals?

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Working on one's own car is a point of pride for many owners. Doing-it-yourself is both rewarding and a way to prevent someone else from mucking things up. Inevitably — for even the most hardcore gearheads — there are certain tasks best left to people wearing ASE badges on their sleeves. What repair or maintenance tasks are best handled by trained professional mechanics?

You can have all the power in the world and all the sophisticated suspension and braking gear ever designed, but if that ability to manage force isn't delivered to the pavement in a precise manner it's badly compromised. Proper alignment is one of the keys to having a happy car. And especially for vehicles with four-wheel independent suspensions, doing a decent alignment job at home verges on the impossible. You'll want to make sure that your shop of choice has a well-calibrated rack, but they will do it better — and much faster — than any amount of driveway fiddling can accomplish.

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Photo Credit: David Moffitt / Flickr