I'm not sure if you've ever noticed this about cars, but they're actually made up of a crapton of smaller bits and sub-assemblies and things. It's true! And, even on the absolute latest, most modern car, some of those parts are a bit long in the tooth. Like wheels β€” thousands of years old. But they still seem to work ok. But what parts are due for a refresh?

This is not to say old is bad β€” sometimes a design is just right as it is. But there's some parts that we've taken for granted for so long, that maybe aren't really the best they could be. Like windshield wipers.

Generally, they work pretty well, and that's saying something for a device invented way back in 1903. The fundamental design of the wiper hasn't really changed all that much at all, and while they work, I can't help but feel modern technology may have a better way, one that doesn't streak or get frozen or jam up or anything like that. Compressed air curtain systems? Hydrophobic coatings? I'm open to hear ideas!

Sure, Benz toyed with their Monoblade articulated wiper system a while back, but you don't hear much about that now, and I can't think of any new car that has a really novel take on the wiper.

What do you think? What bit of a car do you think deserves a fresh look?