What Car Looks The Coolest When It's A Little Beat Up?

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Although we can appreciate a shiny paint job or a perfect restoration as much as anyone, there is something about a car that obviously shows its age that is truly hard to resist. Sometimes worn out paint, not quite perfect sheet metal and a sun baked interior can add significantly to a car's character and overall appearance.


To us certain cars look as good and in some cases better when they are a little ratty rather than completely restored, but we aren't sure if it's a matter of fact or just our own personal taste. With that in mind, this weekend we want to know what car or truck you think looks best when it has a fair share of battle scars and bruises. What car looks the coolest when it's a little beat up?

After years of dealing with rusty northeastern cars, dreams of beat up old cars from outside the rust belt that don't need anything more than a set of tires, a couple weekends spent in the garage and a blanket to cover the roasted seat have always been the stuff of bizarre automotive fantasy for me. In my eyes perhaps no other vehicle would lend itself better to this treatment than a Porsche 356, my answer to this question.


Although the days of finding a ratty bathtub Porsche on the cheap are over, I still love the idea of driving one around in far from perfect condition. It might be the prospect of offending vintage Porsche snobs, the beautiful simplicity of the classic Porsche design or a semi-subconscious realization of the 356's skyrocketing values, but I prefer the look of early P-cars that can't hide their years.

What car looks the coolest when it's a little beat up?

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Jonathan Harper

BMW 2002. Saw this one on the west side highway last week, all rusted.