What car looks the best in brown?

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Today's QOTD is a shout to our friends at the Brown Car Appreciation Society of Mudville, USA. All colors mixed together isn't always the best choice for a car, but sometimes it's essential. What car looks the best in brown?


We're going with the late '70s Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9, like the one above, once owned by the late Alfred Hitchcock, who was equally adept a casting cars in his movies as he was casting people. The brown of the 450SEL isn't the brown of UPS or mud-bog racing. It's the luscious brown of a well-oiled English saddle, the fiery glow of a chestnut mare in full gallop, the rich caramel of a patrician club chair. The color of a life well lived. C'mon!

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