What car, like the Commodore 64, would you want to see remade?

Sometimes, in a free marketplace, nostalgia merges with the present, and a product — like Pepsi with sugar — returns to store shelves after a long absence. What car, like the Commodore 64, would you want to see remade?

Of course, the Commodore 64 was made between 1982 and 1994, so to make this interesting, the returning car must have been built between those years. Of course, like the Commodore 64, it can have completely updated internals. Good luck.


We're going with the 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R, the car Hemmings called, "The Turbocharged, Box-flared Casio Calculator Watch on Four Wheels." Among captive imports of the pre-EVO days, the Starion (and Chrysler Conquest TSi) was THE techno-nerd's sports car. Sure, it was over 3,000 pounds and put down 176 oodles of a late-malaise horsepower, but those were different days. And if updated Commodore 64 style, we'd slap down a modern sticker price for, say, a 380-hp version (or a 523-hp version). Now THAT's super potential.

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