I happened to be at a junkyard this past weekend, doing my court-mandated community service, when I happened to notice this handsome vehicle nearby. It had a bit of body damage, so I was having some trouble identifying it. Think you can figure it out?

Unlike any other group of people in the known universe, Iā€™m actually pretty certain one of you will figure it out, because Jalopnik readers are almost terrifying in how good they are at shit like this, collectively.

I actually know the answer, so Iā€™ll tell you what: first person to correctly ID this car wins me saying something wildly favorable about them on their preferred social media outlet.

Thatā€™s a hell of a prize, right? Of course it is. Have at it!

UPDATE: This is tricky, so Iā€™m adding one more pic. I removed a visible badge from this one, just FYI:


Iā€™m also not offended if you find the prize unappealing, because, well, I get it.