What Car Is This?

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I happened to be at a junkyard this past weekend, doing my court-mandated community service, when I happened to notice this handsome vehicle nearby. It had a bit of body damage, so I was having some trouble identifying it. Think you can figure it out?


Unlike any other group of people in the known universe, I’m actually pretty certain one of you will figure it out, because Jalopnik readers are almost terrifying in how good they are at shit like this, collectively.

I actually know the answer, so I’ll tell you what: first person to correctly ID this car wins me saying something wildly favorable about them on their preferred social media outlet.


That’s a hell of a prize, right? Of course it is. Have at it!

UPDATE: This is tricky, so I’m adding one more pic. I removed a visible badge from this one, just FYI:

Illustration for article titled What Car Is This?

I’m also not offended if you find the prize unappealing, because, well, I get it.

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