What Car Is The Most Misplaced In Their Company's Lineup?

Today, the idea of having a 'corporate face' and common familial 'DNA' for all the car's in a company's lineup seems more important than ever. And yet, almost every company still seems to have one black sheep, one car that just doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the family. Which company has the most divergent one?

And, let's open this up throughout all of automotive history, why not. Like, I think for modern cars, I like how Ford's Flex goes its own novel, future-giant-Mini route while the rest of the Ford family is invited to the all-Aston Martin masquerade.


In the past, I think the VW K70 may be the most divergent, a boxy water-cooled FWD car surrounded by bubbly air-cooled butt-engined relatives.

I'm really curious to see what family weirdos you come up with!

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