Thirty years ago, Penelope Spheeris shot The Decline of Western Civilization about California's burgeoning punk scene. The music's gone mainstream, but the vibe is still counterculture and infused with automobile appreciation making us wonder: what car is punk rock?

It doesn't get more punk rock than a jammin' Ford Econoline van, does it? Whether purchased fourth-hand or rented, it's the official transportation of musicians. It's big enough to carry the drums, guitars, bass, and various dented equipment you need to kick out the jams and the band members/hangers on to make the scene. Paneled walls mean no cops hassling you for a little pre-game activity, and provides the privacy you may need for a little post-concert jammin' with any "band aids" you might meet. Sure, older models may not come with a radio — but corporate radio doesn't play anything you'd want to listen to, anyways. If it's good enough for Mike Watt it's good enough for us.

Imagine you're blasting the Sex Pistols en route to CBGB — what're you driving?

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Photo Credit: My Robot Is Pregnant