What Car Is Great To Drive, But Not To Own?

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A lot of people who are grandparents will tell you they like their roles because they get to play with young kids but then send them home to someone else at the end of the day. I can imagine a lot of exotic cars are the same way.


After a year of owning a Ferrari 360 Modena, Doug came to the conclusion that the car just wasn't worth it for him in terms of everyday driving. High maintenance costs, valet concerns, the constant need for special treatment and other factors made it "an expensive toy to own for just a few glorious hours each month."

I'm sure those hours of perfect driving were glorious indeed, but the day-to-day ownership of the 360 sounds like a series of headaches. So that's our question of the day: What car is great to drive, but not to own?

A lot of folks asked Doug why he didn't get the older, rarer, more interesting F355 instead of the 360, and he said it's because it's somehow even more of a pain in the ass to own and maintain. Fair enough, but I'd do terrible things for a backroad drive in one on a day with perfect weather.

Your turn: What car would you want to play with and then say goodbye to when you're done?



C7 Corvette. Or any Corvette really. Sublime to drive, but do you really want to daily a vette? Impossibly low, long overhang lengths, average visibility and constant attention from guys in "USA F-Yea" T-shirts? No thanks.