What Car Have You Loved The Most?

Though Valentine's Day has been commercialized, it would be incorrect to say that it's purely the creation of greeting card companies like Secretary Day, Grandpa Day or rabies. Even if you don't buy the stories around the earliest Christian martyrs, Chaucer can lay claim to the first Valentine's Day love poem, circa 1382:

And there was not any bird that is created through procreation that was not ready in her presence to hear her and receive her judgment. For this was Saint Valentine's day, when every bird of every kind that men can imagine comes to this place to choose his mate.


And like the bird's in Chaucer's Parliment of Fowls, we too are guided by a special something when choosing our automotive partners. And that special something is love.

Rare are those that love every car they own, though rarer still are those that never love any care they own. On this site we'd expect that everyone has owned a car they've had more than a normal level of affection towards. This is your chance to pen a love note to the car in your historical inventory you've loved the most. And we're talking slightly bawdy Chaucerian romantic love, not Sandy Wong-Dragon pornographic love. [Chaucer Translation: eChaucer]

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