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In a perfect world, cars would have names that clearly state their intentions, like Honda Snoozemobile or Ferrari Fuckingawesomemachine or Land Rover Discovery. Things would be easier to figure out that way. Instead, cars sometimes get names that are totally misleading.

By that I mean awesome cars with boring names, and boring cars with awesome names. Cars don't always get the names they deserve, right?


Here's a great example: the Pontiac G8. Dear God, that was a boring name. Considering the other G-cars in the Pontiac lineup like the G3 and G6, the name did little to inspire confidence. That was a shame because the G8 was awesome! It was rear-wheel drive and had a V8! It deserved a better name than that.

Another example on the other end of the spectrum: the last Mercury Cougar. With a name like "Cougar," you'd expect ferocious performance, right? You did not get that if you bought this kitty.

So that's our question of the day: what cars had the most misleading names of all time? Let's get out there and call BS on some car names!

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