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What car has the most annoying fan club?

You've heard them ranting about this year's meetup in some struggling beach town, or bragging about trolling missions to other carmakers' fan forums. You've seen them gathered en masse at the fairgrounds, slugging whatever replaced Four Loko and yammering on about cold-air intakes. What car has the most annoying fan club?


We have to go with the always-annoying Ferraristi. The hats, the shirts, the faux racing suits, the cars that cost more than split-level ranch houses in 95 percent of the mainland US, the constant techno (we assume). It's the kind of self-aggrandizing club you join to celebrate the act of self-aggrandizement, where everyone has someone to lord over — at least until the guy with the 1957 Testa Rossa shows up.

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As a friend of mine affiliated with certain German car circles put it..."all car fans have something:

-VW fans are hipster douches

-BMW fans are elitist pricks (or Asian teens....same thing really)

-Porsche fans are snobby (but surprisingly cool)

-Ferrari fans are 99% wannabes that think they know cars...but don't

-Mustang fans are just plain morons.

-Chevy fans are hicks

-Mopar fans are inbred hicks

-Honda fans are Mexican criminals

-Subaru fans are all Ken Block wannabes with no taste

-Volvo fans are geeks, but make fast shit

-SAAB fans are well...assholes (Something Assholes Always Buy)

-Toyota fans are boring as fuck

-Mercedes fans are pussies because they can't operate a third pedal."