What Car Has The Dumbest Name?

Not everything can be called a Silverado, some cars end up with stupid names instead.

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A blue BMW seven series sedan
How many words is too many words in a car’s name?
Photo: BMW

Coming up with an iconic car name must be hard work. For every Mustang you hear about there are dozens of Zafiras or Qashqais. Just like Eurovision entries, there’s a lot of questionable possibilities to chose from before you find a winner.

But what are some of the worst names out there? The car names that, if you owned one, would leave you embarrassed to announce what you’re driving to friends and family—or the name that leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you do have to say it, out loud.


A lot can make a car name sound dumb, from a mess of letters and numbers that don’t mean anything to anyone to a whole sentence of actual words strung together, making almost no sense at all. Something like BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12 Excellence The Next 100 Years. Catchy.

Then, there’s the car names that do make sense, but make you ask how they were ever cleared for sale.


Take the Jeep Comanche as an example here. This truck was named after a tribe of Native American people who live across areas of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. Great inspiration for the name of a humble truck. But maybe should have received a second though before the order option Eliminator trim package. Do you see it? It becomes a Jeep Comanche Eliminator. Who’s dumb idea was that?!

The automotive world is awash with other strange names for makes, models and trim packages. And today, we want to uncover some of the dumbest.


So whether it’s a car you’ve owned, seen or simply heard of in passing, let us know some of the daftest names you have seen adorning car bumpers over the years.

We’ll round up a selection of the worst offenders later on this afternoon.