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For almost as long as there have been cars, there have been emblems to identify who made them and what model they are. Some of these emblems are as cool and classic as the cars they identify while others are little more than plastic text with a sticker on the back. This weekend we want to know what vehicle you think wore it's model name best. What car has the coolest model emblems?


My pick is the Corvette Sting Ray emblem seen above. They are as beautiful and simple as the second generation Corvettes that wear them. The fact that I lust after a midyear 'vette is certainly part of the reason this emblem immediately came to mind, but it's placement, size and design are what pushed me to pick it as the coolest. I can only someday I have one sitting in my garage—attached to the car it left the factory on.

What car has the coolest model emblems?

Photo Credit: Hugo90


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