What Car Has The Best Profile?

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Friday we asked you what car has the best rear. The responses made us salivate. Today we want to know what car has the best profile?


We wasted a good chunk of the morning debating this and went back-and-forth between some wonderful choices. At the end of the day it's all about preference and we yearn for the Ford GT. If there's one place the GT's designers improved upon the original design it was in the drool-worthy profile. As the GT40s progressed from the MK I to the MK IV the body was stretched and the profile lowered. It made the cars faster but didn't necessarily make them look better. We prefer the MK I and we're glad the GT pulled from the taller, shapelier silhouette of the original. From front-to-back the Ford GT gets a Europa-esque and missile-shaped nose and a slightly-raked beltline before abruptly ending, implying sex and penetration. Aft of the B-pillar the shoulders are strong and imply power and performance. Combine the two and you've got an Adonis.


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This car does it for me no matter what view:

Ferrari 330 P3/4-

And Hows about a little Daytona action too-

And I'm partial to the Porsche 910-

That's all for now...