We all knew the Carpocalypse would bring great deals, but the GM Heritage Museum auction is a rare opportunity. What car from the Heritage Museum do you most want?

As hard as it is to argue with with the vague historical value of the "1998 Popemobile" or the cinematic value of Jazz, we're doing something different (and we don't mean different like 1995 Saab 900SE "Pikes Peak" edition). We want the 1993 Camaro ZL-1 concept.

Lore has it the Camaro ZL-1 was built on a dare after an automotive journalist, reportedly, said they'd never build another Camaro with a big block. That's right, this bad boy has a 572 Chevy big-block V8. That's 9.4-liters of gas-chugging glory capable of putting out more than 500 horses and more twist than our minds can comprehend. Black-on-black because stealth is important when your car likely makes more noise than a Boeing 777.


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