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What Car Do You Wish You Could Import?

You've got the power to import new and used cars under 25 years old to the U.S. Which do you choose?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Alfa Romeo

We all know about the infamous 25 year import rule here in the U.S., but what if the world was different. What if we could import any car to the States regardless of how old it was. Wouldn’t that be magnificent? That thought is what leads us to today’s question.

What car do you wish you could import? This isn’t a question of if you had all the money in the world, what would you import. No, I want to know what vehicle under 25 you’d bring stateside. They can be brand new or a few years old. I’m not too picky.


If I had this unique ability, the first car I’d bring over (that I can actually afford) is the 2005-2010 Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider. I love that car, and of course it only existed during the time Alfa wasn’t selling cars in the U.S. In both coupe and roadster form, the Brera/Spider is absolutely beautiful on the inside and outside. No, I do not care that it wasn’t offered in rear-wheel drive. The car is about looking good, feeling good, and hearing that good-ass Alfa Romeo V6 engine.

It irks me that under the current law I’ll have to wait until 2030 at the earliest to get my hands on one of these cars. That just isn’t fair, is it? Exactly! It’s not!


Let my yearning serve as inspiration for you. Let us know down below what car you’d import that is under 25-year-old (and you could actually afford). Oh, and as always, tell us why you want to import that specific car. Reasons make things for fun! Remember, it doesn’t have to be an older car. In this mystical world, you can import new cars too.

Happy window shopping (because this is a fantasy that is never going to happen)!