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Let's perform a little thought experiment: you're a mad scientist, and have developed a lightning-powered system to re-animate dead car brands. They all said you were crazy at the institute, but you'll show them! So, which dead car brand are you going to send your hunchback'd assistant to dig up?


There's a whole bunch to choose from here: Pontiac, Saab, Humber, Sunbeam, Wanderer, Saturn, Diamler, Stutz, Studebaker, Rambler — we could go on and on. Try and think about which ones could actually still be viable. For example, I suspect that Saab would have a much better shot coming back to the US than, say, Mercer, because one people generally remember fairly well, and the other has a good reputation among the residents of graveyards.

So! Who's it going to be?

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