What Can You Do After Banning Cell Phones In Cars?

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Speeding is illegal yet every day people speed. Some states have made using a cell phone while driving illegal, yet people still use them behind the wheel. What other options are there?

This is the point made by Juan Barnett when we pointed out that some of the statistics floating around the Internet on texting and driving may be misleading or inaccurate. The question is if a ban on cell phone use could really be effective. Reader Robert Carpenter opened up the discussion.

As much as I hate gov't interference in my daily life, as a cyclist and fellow driver I wouldn't mind a ban on cell phone usage. My state (VA) bans texting but allows use of smartphones to use Google Maps. I know it's tough to enforce distracted driving, but it's obvious that smartphone proliferation has not created a sense of responsibility while driving.


Reader WarShrike followed.

As a cyclist as well, even without cell phones, some people behind the wheel are just idiots and/or malicious.

This is where Juan Barnett stepped in.

Exactly. Saying cell phone use is illegal isn't the fix. It comes down to personal responsbility. People still speed. Everyday, yet it is illegal. Does it kill people? Most certainly does. But what can you do after making it against the law?


If you were stepping into the Secretary of Transportation's chair, what would you try and do to cut down cellphone and driving crashes? Would you even put a high priority on it in comparison to, say, drunk driving? What would you try and do?

Photo Credit: Steven Damron