What Brand Had The Best One-Year Model Lineup?

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You've saved the life of mysterious stranger in a cheap suit who says he'll let you go back in time to any year and own a car dealership. But what year? What brand had the best one-year model lineup?


We're just going to get this out of the way right here, right now and we'll not have to worry about it: BMW 1988. When pjsammy offered this up as a question that's what popped into our heads. Maybe it popped into your brain, too, if you've got one. How could it not? The E24 M6, the E28 and E28 M5, E30 and E30 M3, the E32 7-Series, and the Z1. So many letters and numbers, so much meaning. It's the ultimate year of ultimate driving machines. You wouldn't have to sell the cars, they sell themselves. Just spend your entire time "breaking in" customer cars. BMW in 1988 is maybe the best thing to happen the 80s besides my birth and... well... even then.

Your sleazy genie wants to know: what's the best single brand MY?

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2005 Subaru.

The 2.0L WRX was still on sale.

The 2005 STI got bigger hubs and more durable wheel bearings, but retained the great pre-hawkeye looks.

The flying-vagina Tribeca was still a year off.

The best-looking Legacy had just been introduced, and there was still a wagon version. And most importantly, EVERYTHING- every model in the lineup- could be had with a turbo, a stick and AWD.

You could have a 5MT turbo AWD SUV (Forester), a 5MT turbo AWD crossover wagon (Outback) a 5MT turbo AWD sports wagon (Legacy) a 5MT turbo AWD sports sedan (Legacy), a 5MT turbo AWD minitruck (Baja) a 5MT turbo AWD sport compact (WRX) or the utterly epic 6MT turbo AWD STI.