What Automotive Legacy Needs To Be Revisited?

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Even if you hate the new Jaguar XJ, don't underestimate the balls it took to completely recreate a car that's been essentially the same for 40 years. What other automotive legacy needs to be revisited?

We don't recommend taking the Hispano-Suiza approach. You don't create a new legacy by recreating someone's old product line. In that vein, we think if Spyker is going to actually make Saab successful they're going to need to listen to MJ and look at the man in the mirror and then make him change his ways. As much as everyone fought for the preservation of the quirky Swedish brand, what exactly were they fighting for? The current lineup leaves little to like but the brand holds a lot of promise and we hope their new owner revisits what's best about Saab and find a way to make it work in today's market.


F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said there are "no second acts in American lives" but cars have a better fate, which one needs to take an intermission?


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