What Are Your Automotive Commandments?

As defined by the most important document of the internet age, the Ten Commandments are "a set of biblical principles relating to ethics and worship". This weekend we want to know what rules you hold sacred when it comes to the ethics and worship of all things automotive.

What rules or principles have you set forth for yourself over a lifetime of car obsession? What ethics guide your vehicular lust? What are your automotive commandments?


My personal automotive code is as follows—

1)Thou shall own a GNX before thou dies. If thou's bank account does not allow for such a purchase, thou shall instead build a GNX clone from a Grand National with a fire breathing turbo-six underneath the hood.
2)Thou shall drive and enjoy Camaros with no deference to tired mullet jokes or shoddy build quality.
3)Thou shall honor thy first car, even if it is the sentence of eternal project car hell, by pledging a lifetime of ownership.
4)Thou shall avoid the slushbox* and the beige. *exceptions will be made in the case of the aforementioned first car and select others
5)Thou shall not leave the earth without someday risking roadside fire to drive every Italian exotic thou has desired since childhood.
6)Thou shall not purchase another extremely rusty International Harvester product.
7)Thou shall spend time in the garage, behind the wheel or out chasing the next object of automotive desire instead of sitting at car shows or bickering in internet car forums.

What are your automotive commandments?

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