What Are You Dying To Know About The Tesla Model X?

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Tonight we get close look at (and quick drive in!) the Tesla Model X, which is being delivered from the factory for the very first time tonight. Anything in particular I should be peeking around for?


We already have a pretty good idea of the vehicle’s range thanks to the EPA, but there’s going to be a lot more to learn. Especially with the car right in front of us.

Can’t promise I’ll be able to ask Mr. Musk too many questions, I’m pretty sure he’ll put me in some kind of overly complex and dramatic prison-chamber if I try to make off with company secrets.

But Tesla is a big deal. If nothing else, they’ve created some really exciting automotive applications for new technologies and already turned out one exceptionally capable car. One crappy one too, but, bygones and so on.

Now they’re finally letting another car lose on the streets, I’ll be among the first to drive it, and I’m sure you’ve got questions of your own. Post ‘em here and I’ll try to address everything I can along with a complete writeup coming soon!

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Does it come with an Usher Mode to compliment the P85D’s Ludacris Mode?