What Are Your Biggest Automotive Pet Peeves?

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Most of the time, being in a car is just fine. It’s fun, even. Problems arise, though, when you add other people into the mix.


See, other people come with a whole host of their own habits and quirks when it comes to cars, and sometimes they can’t be so easily ignored. Sometimes they bug the shit out of us, especially if they are riding in our cars. It’s time now to ask: What are your biggest automotive pet peeves?

Pet peeves are annoyances. They are different from stuff that is straight up illegal. Of course, they aren’t always mutually exclusive. I’ll take care of two right off the bat for you, because I feel like they’ll be at the top of most peoples’ lists:

  • Leaving blinkers on
  • Leaving brights on

For me, personally, I cannot stand it when people bring food or try to eat in my car. Food in cars is bad, it makes a mess and that’s how you get ants. Or worse, mice. End of story.


What about you guys? What drives you up the wall? What really GRINDS YOUR GEARS? The pettier the better.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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MK6GTI-now with added Miata

When people swing out the opposite way to make a turn. You aren’t towing a trailer, and you’re coming into my lane. Fuck off.