What Are The Wealthiest Car Buyers Really Like?

It's very easy to shit on the richest of the rich for their fantastically over-the-top land jets, but are the ultra-wealthy really so crass about their car purchases?

The question comes from this conversation ATX211 had with an imaginary BRABUS 850 iBusiness owner.


"How fast is that car?"

-(From the back seat) "Don't know, never driven it."

"Well what kind of motor is that? Sounds gnarly"

-"Not a clue. Two words though. Gold. Intakes."

"You are really fucking rich aren't you?"

-"You wouldn't be able to wrap your head around it."

"Fuck You."


I love the idea of carbuyers so fantastically rich that they might decide they need an 850 horsepower Benz plugged full of tablets and computers that are going to be obsolete in about five minutes. However, I keep thinking that the ultra-wealthy really aren't so ostentatious, and that they really prefer something reserved and unassuming. That's why you see four Maybachs for every Phantom here in Manhattan. Still.

Of course, the car tastes of the mega-rich change depending where you are? What are the richest of the rich carbuyers like where you live? What do they buy, and are they total dicks about it, or are they pretty low-key?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove (RR Ghost pictured)

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