You know what I like even more than fast cars? Fast cars that I didn't expect to be fast. I like to be surprised when I see something blow past me, like that Volvo 245 wagon with a Supra engine that did some smoky drifts a while back.

I love it when some insane engine turns a normal car into a monster. Ridiculous engine swaps that turn slow cars into unexpectedly fast ones are essentially the modern version of the hot rod.

So that's our question today: what are the greatest hot rods out there today?

Here's another one: that Saab wagon powered by the V10 from the Viper. Only a crazy person would come up with a concept like that and then carry it to execution — and that's why it's so wonderful.


Your turn. Tell us about the zaniest engine swap projects and 21st century hot rods you've seen. Go nuts. These tuners certainly did.


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