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We only have a few hours left in 2018, so let’s reflect on the things we drove this year. You’ve already heard from your hardworking Jalopnik staff about the best and most disappointing cars we experienced over the past 12 months. Now we’ll turn it over to you.


What was the best car you drove this year? What would you say was the worst, and why?

Maybe your own car was one of the best. Maybe it was one of the worst! Perhaps you somehow talked your way into a sweet exotic for a couple hours, or you had a scarring rental car experience. We want to hear your stories.


I’ve already told you some of what made my best list: The Chevrolet Bolt EV, the old BMW 2500 we drove from Seattle to New York, the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, the new Bullitt Mustang and the new Honda Accord. Most of the cars on my “worst” list were just boring rather than outright bad, unless we’re talking about the few times I drove Mike Ballaban’s Yugo in the summertime.

I didn’t love the Infiniti QX80 and I probably had a couple less-than-memorable rentals I’ve blocked from my memory. Those are usually Nissans, because most modern Nissans are extremely blah.

Now it’s your turn. Give us your 2018 best and worst list. As a bonus, what do you want to drive in 2019?

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