What Are Some Of Your Personal Rules Of The Road?

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Knock the snow off your shoes before entering the vehicle. Keep your smuggy hands off the touchscreen. And did you just attempt to bring coffee into my car? Nope. Strike three, you are out, here’s the bus schedule.


Some people might think this is a little anal retentive, but the plain fact remains that your car is your baby, and when riding in your baby those people need to show a little respect. How you define this respect is totally up to you.

I used to have a “no eating in my car” rule, until the use of my SportWagen TDI as a road trip vehicle made that rule fly out the drive-thru window. There’s still no smoking in my car. If I’m driving your ass more than two hours, you will be subjected to my hipster music or creepy podcasts, no arguments/exceptions, and you will take any and all drink containers with you. I even had to make a special rule for a “friend” that she couldn’t put her nasty feet on my dash and smear salt from the bottom of her shoes all over my windshield. Yeah, we ain’t friends no more.

Some folks are quite fussy about what goes on in their cars, some less so. Jason Torchinsky’s only ask is that if you must defecate in his car, aim for the floor mats rather than the seat. Hey, it’s his car, you’re just riding in it.

So what are some of your hard-and-fast car rules?

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Signalling my intentions for each and every turn. Whether it be coming back into the right line after overtaking someone on the interstate, my intentions to exit a ramp ... even if it is an exit only lane, or merging into traffic from an on ramp, I do my very best to use my signal to make sure that the person behind me knows that I have committed to my decision.