What April Fools Day Automotive Headline Do You Want To Read?

Instead of wowing you with our story about the return of the Pontiac Aztec for 2015 or reporting this time the El Camino is actually returning to the US for real (we would never actually joke about such a thing) this April Fools Day we want to hear your idea of the perfect fake automotive story.

It could be your own attempt at obviously fake "legitimate" car news, the comedic story you wish would actually come true or the real headline that you believe might as well be an April Fool's Day joke. We want to read it, what April Fool's Day Automotive headline do you want to read?


We're going the direction of "fake news we actually want to hear" with ours, although it may be more of a bizarre automotive fantasy than a humorous prank.

"GM Announces Return Of Pontiac Division To Produce Brand New "Smokey and the Bandit" edition 1977 Pontiac Trans Ams"

There, we said it, we want a showroom fresh 1977 Black and Gold T/A of our own. Since we can't actually have one, we would love to foolishly believe it's possible for two seconds while reading this headline.

What April Fool's Day automotive headline do you want to read?

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