What A $500,000 Crash Looks Like Front And Center

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Last month, video footage surfaced of things going instantly wrong for a driver in a McLaren 720S. Basically, the car took off and slammed square into a parked Audi R8. This week, another clip has been floating around, taken from the passenger seat. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here: watch and weep.


The crash occurred at Polson Pier in Toronto, where apparently a few cars were running late for a planned photo shoot and the McLaren driver was taking passengers for joyrides, reports 680 News. The interior footage of the crash is from one of the passengers who took out his phone to film his ride.

“I don’t know what happened but as soon as I get in I start filming, then he just punched it all the way. You have to have some experience to be able to control those kind of high-powered vehicles,” the person told the outlet, asking that he only be identified as Mike. Mike said that all he knew about the McLaren driver was that he was named Neil.

Later on, after the McLaren driver had disappeared from the scene, the police found a Chinese passport in the wrecked car. 680 News reports that Toronto police are investigating the crash and are hoping to have more info soon.


It’s clearer from the onboard video that the driver simply lost control of the McLaren. He gassed it too hard, the ass came out and it threw the nose right into the R8. You can see parts littering the street after the cameraman exits the 720S.

By the way, retail on the McLaren and the Audi come to about $300,000 and $200,000, respectively. A sad fate for two wonderful cars. No confirmation as to whether or not the Supreme sticker added horsepower, but it definitely did not boost stability.


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