We've Come A Long Way Baby

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A Ford Model T paces a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Considering a stretch of Woodward was amongst the first concrete-paved road in the world, a more perfect illustration of automotive progress couldn't be asked for.

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I've driven an SLS, I have. It's a bit unstable if you get agressive and really throw it in to a corner - mind you, this was on the Nurburgring, not exactly smooth - but if you're smooth you can be pretty darn fast on straights and bends. It sounds great too. Felt a little heavy though. I was always aware of what kind of car I was driving.

"Erm, Mike, that was on Gran Turismo 5."

Yeah, I know. It's the same thing.

"But you don't feel any of the G— " IT'S THE SAME THING!!