WestJet's Father's Day Video Will Probably Make You Cry

Canada's low-cost airline WestJet has created another heart-warming video, this time featuring an employee who took over another man's job for a week so he could visit his sick son in the hospital. Watch this and see if you don't tear up.

Marc Grimard is a transportation worker in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was surprised at his job site by Medel Villena- a WestJet customer service employee and father to a 20 month-old daughter. Medel, who had been trained to do Marc's job, handed Marc a WestJet plane ticket and sent him on his way to be with his family at Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton for a week. Marc's son, Joel has a congenital heart condition. Marc's wife, Angela had been in the Ronald McDonald House with Joel for three months at the time the video was filmed.


The Ronald McDonald House Charities are a home away from home, in which families with chronically ill children can stay while the child receives treatment at a nearby hospital. I've had the privilege of volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House, cooking meals, meeting families and playing with the kids and their siblings. I always leave with the feeling that I'm the one who gained from the experience. The families there are so grateful for any amount of help that gets them through to the next day.

The viewing of this video on YouTube has already made it possible for other families to be united as well. WestJet pledged to reunite one family for every 100K views of the video, up to 500K. That goal has already been reached.

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