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West Coast Customs builds life-size Mario Karts

Illustration for article titled West Coast Customs builds life-size Mario Karts

To mark the release of Mario Kart 7, Nintendo commissioned West Coast Customs to build life-size replicas of Mario and Luigi's actual karts from the game. Do they actually drive? Of course not they actually do drive, and they are capable of making grown men smile like little boys.


In addition to Mario's red kart, there's also Luigi's Bumblebee car from the game. Both cars are exact game replicas, just scaled to adult human size.

As Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, the big kid pictured up top, says, "These are the only cars at the LA Auto Show designed to work in both the air and water."


Want to park one of these in your living room and use it as a game seat when you're actually playing Mario Kart? You're in luck — well, at least if you're lucky — because Nintendo plans to give both one to two one lucky Gamestop customer.

Although, can you really call yourself "lucky" if you're a Gamestop customer?

Anyway, in case you didn't know, West Coast Customs is the shop from MTV's show Pimp My Ride, so we guess they just did that thing they do on the show to Mario's kart.

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Id rather have this life size mario kart.