Wes Siler proves again why two wheels are very bad

When it comes to vehicles, I have a maxim I always follow: Four wheels good, two wheels bad. No matter how many times I tell ex-Jalopnik road test editor Wes Siler my maxim, he never listens. He's an idiot.

He didn't listen before he broke his arm three years ago (Click here for the really graphic images!) and I had to pay to fly his ass back to New York City from California (out of my own pocket, I might add) so he could have the surgery that implanted two steel rods into his arm and turned him into the Six Million Dollar man.


He didn't listen after that when he told me he was leaving our site to make Hell For Leather a real, live website — somehow managing to make silly bikes a full time job.

Somehow I doubt he'll listen to me today — after he just broke the same arm this week, providing us with another chance to see horrifyingly scary X-rays — when I tell him my sage words of wisdom yet again.


Whatever. Some people just don't learn. But I'll still keep trying, because friends don't let friends ride bikes.

In all seriousness, send Wes your best wishes in the comments below. He'll be reading them. I mean, he can't do much else at the moment.


Frankly, I'm surprised they're even letting him wipe his own ass right now.

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