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All the time that I've been contributing to Jalopnik I've been hiding a terrible secret. Finally, it's time to reveal my true identity. Sadly, doing so means this is my last day as a daily Jalopnik contributor.

Revealing this to the world is like a taking a huge weight - and we're talking BMW 1-series weight here - off my chest. Finally, I can be who I've always wanted to be. That's right auto world, I like motorcycles more than I like cars. There, I said it.


Motorcycles are faster, they're more fun to ride, the man/machine connection is more pure and I love the feeling of bugs in my teeth and getting wet when it rains. The danger's the best part, well, if you don't count the lack of vacuous PR people and elderly curmudgeon car journalists in the two-wheeled world as the best part that is.

For some time I've been running a motorcycle site, Hell For Leather, as a sideline to my full-time gig at Jalopnik. Doing so was never a great arrangement; HFL didn't get the the amount of my attention it deserved and I was inevitably off destroying body parts when Ray needed me to be writing about cars. I need to focus all my efforts on one thing rather than doing two jobs by half measures. So, as of today, I'm stepping down from Jalopnik and devoting my time to bikes.

Don't worry kiddies, mommy and daddy still love each other. Ray, me and all the other guys remain good friends and I'll even be paying you a visit from time to time, contributing the occasional car review to good ol' Jalopnik.


I've really enjoyed my time here, Jalopnik remains, in my opinion, the only car publication worth reading and I'm sure it'll continue to grow and prosper in my absence. Maybe especially in my absence. The best part about it has been you guys, the commenters and readers, I'll miss you.

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