We're Tracking Down The Last 12 Lexus LFAs

This particular LFA was very much sold and is being enjoyed by a loving owner. Image credit: Kurt Bradley/Jalopnik
This particular LFA was very much sold and is being enjoyed by a loving owner. Image credit: Kurt Bradley/Jalopnik

I’m not really one for superstitions or auspicious number sequences, but they stopped the Lexus LFA’s production in December 2012 and we learned earlier this week that there are 12 unsold ones floating around in dealerships across the U.S. Twelve, 12 and 12. This deserves some digging.


Lexus told us that it has no record of which dealerships the cars went to, so we’re trying to track down these last 12 unsold Lexus LFAs. We need your help, internet sleuths. We need your eyes and ears.

I’m sure many Lexus dealerships across the country have, at this point in time, an LFA on display. But those cars could very well be used ones that the dealer is trying to sell off.

The trick is figuring out if that LFA has never been sold. Hints could be if it has an obscenely low mileage count or if it’s been on display at the dealership since at least 2012.

We’re fairly certain there’s an LFA at the Lexus dealership in Lansing, Michigan, spotted by reader Andrew, who said it’s parked in a roped-off section of the showroom. It’s black. A salesman told him that it is not for sale, that it’s a “show car.”

Apparently, the car was purchased by the dealer in 2012 and mostly kept on rotating display between the Lansing store and another one in Ann Arbor, according to another reader, Scott, who used to work at Lexus of Ann Arbor.


“Back in [2013] the car got scratched on the passenger door by a guy picking up some parts who leaned over the ropes surrounding it and dropped a box that scratched it pretty deep,” Scott wrote. “It was fixed but wasn’t 100 perfect fix, mostly a touch up that you could see if you were looking close enough.”


We’ve reached out to Lexus of Lansing about the LFA and will update if we hear back.


In the meantime, do you guys know of any LFAs that fit that description? Email me at kristen at jalopnik dot com. Or you can copy/paste the address from the little gray box down below.

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

This story is being updated.

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