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We're The Staff Of Jalopnik, Let's Chat

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Got any adventures planned for the long weekend? Projects you’re finally going to tackle? We’re online, you’re online, why don’t you jump into the comments and hang out with us?


It seems like most of America’s cubicle dwellers have checked out, physically or mentally, from their seats as people get ready to be at not-work for slightly longer this weekend.

This week we’ve shared some cool cars, weird cars and tiny cars but so now it can be your turn to share stuff with us. Or ask questions. Or just say hello! It doesn’t matter, you’re not paying attention to your boss anymore anyway, are you?


Update 5:10 p.m.: Our boss made us sign off and write some blogs, so we’ll bid you farewell until next time.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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The “might” Supra will make its return to the market soon. 335hp and weight 3275lbs. This is less power and more weight than a 1997 Corvette. Granted it will be much nicer inside, but performance numbers wise, this seems... disappointing. Discuss.