The end of this week also marks the beginning of the glitziest week in the auto world: Pebble Beach Car Week. We're road tripping up the California Coast in style, and we want to know where you want us to take pictures.

We've been planning this trip for a few months now, and the time is finally here. Thursday morning, after our party at the Petersen Museum on Wednesday night (don't forget to come), we're taking off to head north.


And no, we aren't driving Civics. Through blackmail, begging, and some light kidnapping, we've been able to secure some of the hottest open-top cars on sale today to drive up to Pebble Beach. The stable includes a Bentley Continental GTC V8, a Mustang GT500 Convertible, a Porsche Boxster S (and yes, it is FULLY loaded), and a Jaguar F-Type V8S.


Our objective? Figure out which car is the best for a trip to the most opulent week in the world of motoring.

We'll be posting updates from the road as frequently as we can, and since the Cali Coast is gorgeous AND under photographed, we thought this would be a perfect chance to get some quality metal in pictures with beautiful backgrounds. Our route is above, annotate the pic and let us know where to stop. Got somewhere off the route we can't miss? Put it on there!

Everyone on the trip is on the Twitternets, and we'll also be frequently updating there. Here's who to follow for some Grade A car porn:

Travis Okulski, Matt Hardigree, Mike Spinelli, Jason Torchinsky, Joel Johnson, Chris Mascari, Julia Alvidrez, Kasey Kagawa (Speed Sport Life), Josh Petri (Digg), Blake Z. Rong (AutoWeek, the 'Z' stands for aweZome), and Mike Magrath (Edmunds, in something fast!).


We'll be on the road all day Thursday and we've got a lot of excitement planned for the entire weekend. Get ready for all car goodness all the time.