We're On A Rescue Mission To The Swamps On Talking Trucks And Getting Stuck

Normally our Off-Road Guru/Twitch “Superstar” and Reviews Editor, Andrew Collins, would be writing a nice anecdote about his Tuesday evening Snowrunner stream, however he is out of the office probably over-landing somewhere exotic, so no stream this week. You do get a fun, long highlight of one of his previous streams. Enjoy!


This week Andrew goes out on two separate objectives. The first being a food delivery he did in the middle of night, and the other is a rescue mission to recover a broken down truck out of the swamps. It’s fun to watch Andrew plan these routes out every time he sets off, he is one of the most meticulous people I’ve had the chance to work with and I appreciate that he studies the map as carefully as he does.

I have never had a chance to do any off-roading myself, but I can see that Collins has done his fair share in the way he handles these objectives, carefully planning the routes and judging the obstacle difficulty just by looking at the map. I also really love watching these videos as Andrew’s knowledge of all things Trucks and Off-Roading is so intriguing. He just needs to mention drum brakes and I then started watching hours of videos of people disassembling, cleaning, and repairing drum brakes, just because he started talking about them. He’s charming like that.


So enjoy watching Andrew fumble off-road in the darkness trying to do food deliveries in the dark and spending a bunch of time figuring out how to recover a huge truck from the murky swamps.

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Picky Boceefus

duuuuuuude that international paystar is my go-to. so versatile, so good.