We're Meeting With The Lead Designer For Need For Speed Payback! What Do You Want To Know?

Image credit: EA Games

The only driving game I’ve really ever played is Forza. I’ve never actually played a Need For Speed game. Until tomorrow, that is, because Electronic Arts invited me to come preview the series’ newest installment, Need For Speed Payback, ahead of its Nov. 10 release date.

Unlike Forza, Need For Speed is more arcade-style, with a story-driven campaign rather than just a racing championship. Payback follows the story of Tyler Morgan in a single-player campaign in what seems like it will be a retribution-fueled automotive rampage. Like Fast and Furious. It actually looks stupid fun.


And the graphics themselves look stunning. I think that there’s a spectrum of reality upon which these games exist. You have your top-of-the-line racing simulators, then you have your Forza and Gran Turismo games and at the very low end of “reality” you have games like Mario Kart. I’m curious to hear where the designers placed Payback on this scale, how they did it and why.

Is that something you’re curious about, too? Anything else you’d like to hear answered? Let me know in the comments!

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