Well Great, The Clowns Are Now Mobile

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

In case you hadn’t noticed, clowns are terrifying pretty much everyone. Clowns in the woods, clowns threatening schools—you get the idea. But this clown is straight out of a horror plot, hanging from the back of a vehicle like a true menace to society. We can’t run anymore. The clowns are mobile.

The clown hysteria, which has now reportedly spread outside of the U.S., mainly consists of threats on social media and photos or videos of people dressed in clown costumes standing around and creeping people out. That’s not the worst thing in the world, given that they probably wouldn’t make it very far in a chase on foot before needing to cool off due to the full-body outfits and masks.

But on wheels—that’s taking things to another level.

That’s what this clown did, grabbing onto the back of a moving city bus and staring down passerby. At this point, maybe we should all just stay inside.


Warning: Turn off your volume if you want to listen to this one in public or aren’t a fan of strong language. The person filming this clown was obviously not amused at its antics.

The YouTube description on the video, posted on Oct. 8, said this clown was in Detroit. The Detroit News reports that the Detroit Department of Transportation says it’s “not entertained” by the whole thing. The department said safety of riders is its top priority, and police are looking into the incident. From the Detroit News:

“The safety of our riders is DDOT’s number one priority and that is why we have significantly increased our Transit Police presence and have installed surveillance cameras inside and outside of all our DDOT coaches,” the DDOT said in a statement. “We have forwarded the video to the Detroit Police Department for review.”

According to the Detroit News, there are no reports of injury from the incident and no one has been taken into custody.

Before we know it, the clowns will be floating overhead while hanging onto a big set of balloons. The clowns are mobile. There is no stopping them now.


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Some clowns are very scary.